1. What does Ducts, Inc. do?
    We are mechanical contractors in the air conditioning industry and sheet metal specialists.

  2. Does Ducts, Inc. do more than HVAC work?
    Ducts, Inc. does much, much more than HVAC and duct work. We have a complete weld shop and can fabricate many specialty items such as machine guards and guard rails, rolling carts, permanent building ladders and access doors, and skylight guards. Our fabrication shop can build just about anything out of steel, sheet metal, aluminum, copper and many other materials.

  3. What would be the benefit of replacing my old air conditioner for a new one?
    Improved seer rating of new air conditioning units may qualify you for energy saving rebates from SRP/APS $100 per ton and a tax break at the end of the year.

  4. Will a new air-conditioning unit save me money?
    Yes, not only would the unit be more efficient it would save you enough money on your power bills that in two years it would pay for itself.

  5. How often should I change my filters?
    At least once or twice a month depending on how many animals you have in your home. The leading cause of air conditioning failure in the United States is dirty filters.

  6. How should I maintain my air conditioner?
    Once every three years you should clean the coils. Have a licensed contractor that you can trust inspect your air conditioning unit to ensure the system is running efficiently.

  7. Do we offer air duct cleaning?
    We are primarily a sheet metal contractor for tenant improvements and new installations. We can make accommodations to get your ducts clean.

  8. How important is it for the ducts to be sealed and insulated?
    Very important! If your system has leaks or is not insulated properly it can cost you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted energy.

  9. Does my office have the proper size equipment/ducting for highest efficiency?
    Duct Incís technicians are here to help you and we can evaluate your current system for efficiency.

  10. Is Ducts, Inc. recognized by the Better Business Bureau?
    Yes, Ducts, Inc.has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.